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The story of The Light Bearer
Auriane and the Roman Coliseum  

There are no flat passages in THE LIGHT BEARER, only a fast-flowing stream that erupts into a full-scale torrent in the book's conclusion. Let us hope that we will see more from this sparkling new author."

The Washington Post [read full review here]

or anyone interested in this tumultuous period of Roman despotism and Germanic tribes, Gillespie's epic is an intriguing recording of everyday detail, national issues, and, more impressively, overarching influences of religion and psychology."

Publisher's Weekly [read full review here]


Gillespie's grasp of the daily social, religious and political lives of Germanic tribes and urban Romans alike, and her understanding of the way human deeds are woven by time into myth, keep The Light Bearer rooted in historical plausibility."

The San Francisco Chronicle [read full review here]


he plot, action, and painstakingly developed characterizations make it a treasure--even for those who don't put historical tomes high on their reading list"

The Northwest Florida News [read full review here]

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